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My Background

Crafternauts was created from a lifelong love of art and craft and a passion for teaching children. Working with children, as a Primary School Teacher for 16 years, I recognised the value of creativity and storytelling. As a Reading Lead Teacher, I had a love for inspiring and interesting books and how they opened up an imaginative world for children. They could be immersed in a magical world unlike their own and go on adventures without leaving the sofa. 


Enthused by my Art Degree, when I became a parent, I wanted my children to explore, create and experiment with a plethora of materials and find happiness and magic in the process. There were no art, craft or creative classes available locally, so I set up my own children's 'craft table' at home with an assortment of interesting materials.


The invitation to create whatever they wanted was such a delight to the children, and well worth it, despite the mess and tidying. It was so pleasing to watch their creativity and enjoyment of the process. 


I know the importance of children 'reading for pleasure' prepares them to be enthusiastic and more confident readers. Children's vocabulary and store of words can be expanded tremendously through books and the quality of parent's/carer's conversation throughout their daily activities. 

At Crafternauts, we want to provide fun, creative opportunities for children, expanding language /vocabulary and inspiring a love for reading. 

Nicola Parr Crafternauts
Arts & Crafts
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