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Environmentally Friendly

Welcome to Crafternauts. An environmentally friendly art and craft business. We are committed to creating beautiful and imaginative crafts while minimising our impact on the environment.

We believe that sustainability and creativity go hand in hand, and we take pride in prioritising using art and craft materials made from recycled, renewable sources and bio-degradable whenever possible. 

Our craft activities minimise waste by using left over materials from local businesses, supporting the local community.  We would welcome any local business with safe waste materials to get in touch.

At Crafternauts, wherever possible, we use:

  • recycled paper, card and other craft materials 

  • bio-degradable glitter

  • waste fabric off cuts from a local company

  • non-toxic paint and glue

  • pre-loved books if available

  • paperless systems if possible

  • Craft Council's 'Scrap Shack' to purchase re-usable, safe, clean waste products from UK companies where possible

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